Day 1 | Say Yes to Forgiveness

by Pastor Dawn Raley | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 2 | Say Yes to Fasting

by Pastor James Harris | Narrator Josh Carter

Day 3 | Say Yes to Surrender

by Pastor Liz Caffman | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 4 | Say Yes to Healing

by Pastor Yidan Padilla | Narrator Josh Carter

Day 5 | Say Yes to Faith

by Pastor John Wilds | Narrator John Wilds

Day 6 | Say Yes to Serving

by Pastor Jaime Hartsgrove | Narrator Hershel Tainter

Day 7 | Say Yes to Worship

by Pastor Courtney Raley | Narrator Courtney Raley

Day 8 | Say Yes to Love

by Pastor Brooklyn Oliver | Narrator Courtney Raley

Day 9 | Say Yes to Generosity

by Pastor Anderson Bunn | Narrator Hershel Tainter

Day 10 | Say Yes to Prayer

by Pastor Ashlee Harris | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 11 | Say Yes to The Word

by Pastor John Galloway | Narrator Hershel Tainter

Day 12 | Say Yes to Obedience

by Pastor Josh Case | Narrator Hershel Tainter

Day 13 | Say Yes to Plan + Purpose

by Pastor Tanysha Hartsgrove | Narrator Alethia Wolliston

Day 14 | Say Yes to Peace

by Pastor Victoria Galloway | Narrator Alethia Wolliston

Day 15 | Say Yes to Relationship

by Pastor Jaqui Dominick | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 16 | Say Yes to The Holy Spirit

by Pastor Christian Oliver | Narrator Jonathan Wolliston

Day 17 | Say Yes to Holiness

by Pastor Demetrius McCray | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 18 | Say Yes to Hope

by Pastor Jennifer Woods | Narrator Liz Caffman

Day 19 | Say Yes to Freedom

by Pastor Jeremy Caffman | Narrator Jeremy Caffman

Day 20 | Say Yes to Legacy

by Pastor Josh Carter | Narrator Josh Carter

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