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Highlighted Ministries


Calvary Business Registry

The Calvary Business Registry gives our members access to people in every aspect of our Church and the businesses that they own. Look through the following report and see just what people are doing and how they do it… Click Here to download the Calvary Business Registry.


Calvary Love Center

Every week the Calvary Love Center feeds and clothes hundreds of people in the Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach area. With a heart for ministry teams from the Love Center not only meet people where they are at their physical location at 498 S Yonge Street in Ormond Beach, Florida. But they also take to the streets…

Upcoming Events

    I used to be a dope dealer and now I’m a hope dealer.

    Russ T.

    Once I was broken, and now I’m sharing how God changed my life. If He can do it for me, then He can do it for you!

    They came and helped me while I was in my toughest moment, now I can go and do the same thing for someone else, that’s the power of God!

    It’s amazing to me how God’s Presence seems to be getting stronger and stronger in our services. It’s so exciting to see lives changed and transformed.